Landlord Recovery & Evictions

landlord recovery & evictions

The tenant eviction is a potentially time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating experience. Tenants are becoming more sophisticated in maneuvering the legal system to their advantage. With all of the technicalities, it often seems that property owners’ rights are ignored. Yet, the unlawful detainer procedure remains the only legal way to remove the tenant who refuses to vacate the Premises.

Kafer Law has proven efficient and effective methods to handle your residential or commercial evictions for a flat attorney’s fee plus costs in most uncontested cases. This saves you precious time in removing your unwanted nonpaying tenants as fast as the law allows.

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Attorney Nick Kafer is committed to being a trusted advocate for his clients. You won’t be just another case number on a file folder. You will be treated as a person who needs assistance in handling the issues you are facing. Nick is committed to communicating with his clients and listening to their concerns. He strives to help his clients understand the issues in their cases, and then strongly advocates for his clients in pursuing their desired outcome.

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